What do you do? 

What we do is we help people invest their money into this market without having the necessary knowledge to know how to make those kind of decisions of themselves, and that is by copying the trades we put out, and you may be interested in our automatic service which is by far our most popular service that we have, all trades are placed for you and closed too at the perfect time.

How does the auto actually work?

So, the automatic system is a solution for any time problems, meaning work, not being able to place trades on time, time difference (in other countries). 
When following trades manually, there is always the issue of not getting onto trades in time and putting yourself at a loss, or even being late in closing the trades due to becoming busy, which causes some serious, SERIOUS issues. The automatic service takes care of this issue. 

All trades are opened and closed at the perfect time, without you doing a thing through our software. So really, you are not required to do a single thing, you can just check in on your phone to see how the trades are doing, a nice easy to way to make your funds work for you without worry.


Can I withdraw funds whenever I like?

Simple answer, YES YOU CAN. Your trading account is YOURS, only you access and control it. You can add funds or withdraw funds to/from your trading account, whenever you like. Most withdrawals are processed within 48-72 hours, a normal time for the processing of a withdrawal. If you do this on a Thursday/Friday, you will most likely need to wait until Monday/Tuesday for the funds to be in your bank account.